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Mosquito Control Engineering Services

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Stellar brings simplicity and reliability together, offering a simple tracking and reporting solution for your working platform. Be it a truck, car, ATV or even an air boat, Stellar offers ruggedness and reliability in one easy solution.

Stellar software uses the internet to provide Google Maps as a background for your track data, which allows you to switch to satellite for a photography view of the track.

Stellar is designed to deliver the most "bang for your buck" providing functionality and versatility yet staying simple and economical.

Weather proof design for use on all vehicles.


Stellar VF brings all the benefits of Stellar and adds varible flow. Software settable spray parameters along with full control of your mosquito fogger and product pump. Stellar VF can be adapted to most gas powered 12V modern mosquito foggers.


** For more information regarding ORION, STELLAR or STELLAR VF contact Carlos Gonzalez @ 321-363-4977**